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Assistent trainers

Join with us to make a difference for our inclusive communities in Canada, one person and one donation at a time! You are making a difference to us and for that we thank you!


Thank you so much

Autism Speaks Canada

We thank you for your generous grant. Through your support we will be able to bring our program to communities in Toronto 

Autism Speaks Canada

Avec votre subvention généreuse, nous pourrons apporter notre programme aux communautés de Toronto. Merci!

GoodLife Kids Foundation

Due to your contribution Proset in Ottawa will be able to offer programs to individuals diagnosed with Autism.

One Love for Tennis / Pour l'amour du Tennis

Thank you very much Geoff Moore for an incredible and memorable evening! Merci Geoff Moore pour une soirée extraordinaire.

Many thanks
for all the private donations that came in during the evening and celebrity appearances of Tennis Canada Senior Players and a huge thank you to the band Atomic Glam.


Community Foundation of Ottawa 2017

Thank you! For your generous grant. Merci! Merci Pour votre subvention généreuse

Many Thanks!! to The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation for your generous grant.

CNAF Canadian National Autism Foundation

Thank you so much for your support.

Unity for Autism

Thank you! For your support.


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