We believe every child should have the opportunity to play sports

The sport program is adapted, fun, innovative and has a positive impact on kids and teens.

Our core values


Proset Special Needs Sport offers an adapted sport activity to schools and community organizations, who like to excel their Special Needs students into physical activity and learn about a healthy lifestyle.


In 2010, Philippe Manning started realizing a long-cherished wish. He developed a unique sports program for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder, including Asperger’s, PDD-NOS, Classic Autism), ADHD and Down Syndrome.
The method combines sport with the teaching of universal skills

Philippe Manning combines a specially developed tennis program with teaching of five universal skills: Joint attention, Motor development, Socio-emotional skills, Motivation, Participation.

With individual attention and team coaching, Philippe ensures that the sports program seamlessly adapts to the needs of children and adults, as a result they are able to enjoy movement and have fun playing sports in a constructive atmosphere.
Successful program popular with children

The result is a successful sports and instructional program that is popular with children (their parents!) and adults. The success is partly due to a well thought out sports program and on the other hand to the personal approach, the enthusiasm, the passion and drive of Philippe. The sport program enhances the natural preference of children to move and make them skilled in several aspects.

Our future goals

What started as a program mainly catered to Autism, Previously know as Proset Autism, has now grown into a more diverse adapted program called Proset Tennis, inclusive sport. We are offering adapted tennis programs with the help of specialized therapist, so we can support you and your child in a positive sport experience.

Philippe Manning

Founder, Director

“I like to challenge the kids with different games so I can engage their minds in addition to gross and fine motor skills. Tennis also helps kids focus, helps with hand-eye coordination and making eye contact. I often just let the kids play and work together and if we get to tennis, we get to tennis”

Philippe Manning was interviewed by Dr. Sazini Nzula. Beautiful Inside and Out.What you Ought to Know about Autism. How to Embrace the Unique Way Your Child is Flourishing.


Community partnerships

Proset Tennis serves schools and community programs through valuable community partnerships. We offer programming services to inclusive units in schools and community Special Needs activities.

Proset Tennis seeks to partner with schools and community organizations that want to offer a adapted specialized activity for their Special Needs students.

A partnership with Proset Tennis is a mutually beneficial relationship. We create innovative inclusive programs tailored to fit the resources and individual needs of each student. Ongoing assessment and evaluation help ensure quality, consistency and sustainability.
At Proset Tennis we believe sport education promotes physical and social growth. We partner with organizations who share our core values. The benefit for students is extremely important. Find out more by contacting us!

To learn more about creating a partnership for your school or community, please contact Philippe Manning, Director at (438) 321-1564 or via email at: philippe@prosetautism.ca

Assistent Trainer Program

Giving back to our community

We are offering the opportunity to our teens and young adults, who have Special Needs and have been enrolled in our program as a student to work for Proset Tennis. They are an asset as assistant instructor to our programs. It is teaching them leadership skills, social skills, accountability and a lot of self confidence. And they know exactly how your little one feels and behaves the way they do, our assistant instructor are an example for us and our students. Find out how to apply by contacting Philippe.

Our Team
in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa


Philippe (Montreal/ Ottawa)

Leticia (Montreal)

Katia (Montreal)

Oliver (Montreal)


Graham (Montreal)

Jocelyn (Ottawa)

Philippe (Montreal/ Ottawa)


Philippe Psychology BA/ ABA

Assistent Trainers

Mattheu (Montreal)

Richard (Ottawa)


Greg (Montreal)

Monique (montreal)

Laila (Ottawa)

John (Ottawa)

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