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COVID-19 UPDATE: TENNIS LESSONS IN MONTREAL ARE NOW AVAILABLE. We will be teaching with strict guidelines provided by Tennis Quebec. We ask everyone who wants to sign up to read it before coming to the lesson.

As for OTTAWA and TORONTO: We are looking forward to resuming all normal programming in the Fall. We thank you for your continued patience and look forward in seeing everyone very soon.

Inclusive Tennis
Sports enriches children

Children grow within sports, in every possible way! They develop physical fitness, motor skills and also just as importantly: social-emotional skills and self-confidence.
However, there is a large group of children for whom sports is not obvious, because

the groups are too large
the pace of the lessons is too high
the level of play does not fit
there is little room for individual attention
children do not feel at home in the regular sports classes

These children miss valuable opportunities in sports. Sports at your own level contributes to the growth of children on and off the playing field!
This inclusive tennis program, developed by Proset Autism, supports not only the skills of children during exercise. But also works on awareness of their own potential and self-confidence. This contributes to the successful development of any child, also outside the sports field!







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ASD adaptive program

Children with Autism, ADHD, PDD-NOS, Asperger and other behavioral problems are no longer restricted in sports
Sports offers so many opportunities. Especially to children with some form of Autism, ADD, PDD-NOS, Asperger’s or other behavioral problems. Sports gives these children the opportunity to learn, move, relax, work together, make friends, have fun and grow as an individual!

The sports program combines a specially developed sport coaching method
which integrates seamlessly with the needs of children with autism eg, ADHD, Asperger or PDD-NOS. The program is aimed at:

creating positive sports experience
the development of motor skills and body awareness
improving sports skills
the strengthening of self-confidence and social skills
to strengthen concentration and perseverance
the program is known to have a therapeutic effect on the children

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You don’t adapt to sport, we adapt sport so it fits you perfectly

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